all those little things

The in-house design shop is an outlet for designer craft pieces and a veritable treasure trove of eye-catching home-styling accessories… all those little things that make the perfect finishing touches for your home.

From fabulously up-cycled traditional mantle clocks, wall clocks and grandmother clocks to delightful and distinctive laser-cut plywood Japanese origami paper design clocks in a dove shape or with a pendulum, we have some wonderfully whimsical timepieces to bring something special to your room.

We also have trays full of gorgeous little artisan porcelain knobs and hooks for doors and drawers … laser-cut plywood origami paper design ducks to take flight across a wall…knitted and fabric tea cosies and unique draft excluders and door stops…up-cycled traditional mirrors…hand-crafted pictures and frames… cute coasters, decorative bird houses and a range of gifts and cards.

To see more images of what we have in stock, visit our in the shop/home accessories section and our Facebook page.